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bulbs & tubular wires & accessories




Glass Shell (Bulb / Tubular)
Tungsten Wire & Molybdenum Wire
Lead Glass Tube
Support (Anchor) Wire/Solder Wires
Lead in Wire (Electrode)
Cap (Base)
Tungsten Filament
Chemical Materials
Support (Anchor) Wires

support wires

For Spool Size
To help us to serve you better, while enquiring or ordering, please specify:

(a) Application, (b) Dimension (c) Tolerance (d) Tensile Strength (e) Elongation (f) Straightness (g) Quantity (h) Finish (i) Spool Size or drawing.
Scope Used for supporting the Filament of any type of lamp i.e. General Incandescent Lamps, Halogen Lamps, etc.
Specification: Material : Molybdenum Wires (Mo. 99.95 % min.)
Dimension : Ø 0.10 mm, Ø 0.11mm, Ø 0.12 mm, Ø 0.20 mm
Packing Wires wrapped in a Spool Sizes of Customer's Specification
Solder Wires
We provide quality solder wires that are reliable & durable.
Our solder wires have the required melting point that ensures flawless soldering.

Application Solder Wire is used in soldering Cap of Incandescent lamps
Solder Stick is used in soldering cap of TL / TLD Lamps
Tin / Lead content Solder Wire : 5/95, 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50, 60/60 etc.
Solder Stick : 15/85, 30/70, 40/60, 60/40 etc.
Packing 500 gms. to kgs. Rolled in Real or as per Customer's Specification.
solder wires