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bulbs & tubular wires & accessories




Glass Shell (Bulb / Tubular)
Tungsten Wire & Molybdenum Wire
Lead Glass Tube
Support (Anchor) Wire/Solder Wires
Lead in Wire (Electrode)
Cap (Base)
Tungsten Filament
Chemical Materials
Tungsten Wires & Molybdenum Wires
To help us to serve you better, while enquiring or ordering,
please specify:

(a) Application , (b) Dimension (c) Tolerance (d) Tensile Strength (e) Elongation
(f) Straightness (g) Quantity (h) Finish (i) Spool Size or drawing.
tungsten wires & molybdenum wires
Type 1) Tungsten Cleaned Annealed & Straight Wire
2) Tungsten Wire Black )Upto 30 Microns
3) Molybdenum Mandrel Wire ( Upto 30 Microns)
Scope Used in Lamp Filament Making i e Incandescent Lamp, FTLs, IIalogen Lamp etc
Specification: As Per Customer's Specifications.
Packing Wires wrapped in a Spool Sizes of Customer's Specifications